Sunday, March 17, 2013

Llama's nightmares

(After her coming out of bed about 8 times complaining of bad dreams)...

- Llama, when you have a bad dream, is it in your mind or does your body hurt?
My body hurts.
- Where?
(points to armpit)
Llama, I do not think a bad dream means what you think it means.
...Later, after we said shema together and asked Hashem not to send her bad dreams, she comes out again and tells me that she thinks she hasn't been davening enough in school and that's why she has bad dreams, because she needs to daven more.


Friday, March 15, 2013

Birthday cake!

Sroch's seventh-birthday-first -lost-tooth cake!

I'm so proud.

Sarah's idea- awesome, right?

Monday, March 04, 2013


I feel like I just agreed to tattoo my daughter, or let her pierce her ears.

Okay, so maybe this isn't QUITE that drastic... but yeah.


And after!

And with her sister, whose Houston Texans shirt fit nicely over her cast.

BANGS I tell you. Gosh. Thank God she loves it. So do I. For some reason though, it makes her look older... and I'm not sure I let!

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Two more notes on the broken arm

Photo of the brave warrior and her trusty second:

Sroch refused to go out of the examination room without being fully covered. So proud of that girl.

And, so... my oldest has had three cavities and now has a fractured arm. Shall I let the grandparents fight over buying her the calcium supplements?

If it hurts when you do that...

Today in first grade, Sroch learned the lesson of

That's right. When Sarah Rochel goes up and fails to stay up, she will go down. And if that lack of stay uppage was unexpected, she will go boom. And when you fall down go boom on your arm, you can get a fracture in your distal radius and ulna.

Still cute

So she's in a plaster splint cast thingy, and thank God she's not in too much pain (item: this happened in school around 2:30 PM at recess, the teacher wasn't even told (!), Sroch then went home with a friend for a birthday party and only when I picked her up at 5:30 did she mention her arm hurt!).

Indeed, it was her quiet, serious "it really hurts a lot" that convinced Yoav and I of the need to get her to the doc, then Terem. 

B"H for excellent, available health care! We need to take her to an orthopedist in a day or so, and the doc estimated she'd only need the cast for about two weeks. 

And B"H that was all that happened. B"H that was all that happened.