Tuesday, April 09, 2013

A moment of public God thanking

My kids have always been in tzaharon (extended day programs at school). Always, because I work. But most of their friends' mothers are home in the afternoons, so my kids always felt a little blah about staying, because they had no choice but to stay till 4 when their friends went home at 1:30.

 This was sad for me, but I didn't think anything could be done to 'fix' it. I didn't even ask Hashem to do anything but make my daughters happy in the program.

AND THEN THE LAWS ALL OVER ISRAEL CHANGED, making free afternoon programs in many communities - including ours. The schools started encouraging EVERY CHILD TO STAY TILL 4PM. It is now the 'popular' thing to do, plenty of kids whose moms are home are staying, my daughters are now in tzaharon groups of 30 instead of 5 kids per group... and all this Hashem did for ONLY FOR ME AND MY GIRLS, without me even knowing to ask the question.

Yeah, that's beyond awesome. But then - God is.



Curious! said...

Why didn't God just make the cost of living easier so you don't have to work afternoons? Why change the lives of every kid in the country, when he could just pay off your mortgage or something?

Miriam the Mommy said...

Why didn't God just advance the ages of my children by 10 years overnight so they wouldn't need day care?

... The answer, of course, is that Hashem does everything for the best. We can't always see it, but we can always say thank you for what we CAN see - and we always should!

Also... although I like the idea that when my mortgage is paid off I won't have to work anymore, this make not strictly be accurate... ;)