Thursday, April 04, 2013


  • 1 DVD of "Our Secret Garden" - 100 NIS
  • 1 extra-large can of Pringles for the way - $2.55 plus tax
  • 3 cups of brown caffeinated beverage with many sketchy 'whiteners' dumped in - free with over $1000 ticket price (a bargain)
  • 1 CD of "Lylabyes" preloaded on my phone, the only way Sroch would calm down on the plane - $14.95 (a lie- mine was free cause I wrote the lyrics of one song, but whatevs. The DVD above was free for me too, but shh, you're ruining my meme)
  • 4 neighbor children who played with my kids and forgave their tiredness-induced bossiness, pettiness and hyperactivity - one mortgage
  • The fact that they stayed up until 7 PM and barely melted down and then dropped like a lead stone* the second their heads hit the pillows - PRICELESS.

*Yeah, I know. Leave me alone, I got a lot less sleep then they did!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It was wonderful seeing all of you. Of course the time was to short. You all look great, thank you.....Love Mom L