Wednesday, April 17, 2013

When I remember to be a nice mommy...

...I'm really pretty cool.

Despite the fact that I think I caught strep from Sroch (thanks for nothing, germy), sometimes I'm nice.

Tonight the girls didn't want to bring their folded laundry to their room - so I told them to be cats.

Sure, cats don't usually carry laundry on their back, but, um, yeah. Strep. Anyway.

And then we played hangman, where whenever they guessed the wrong letter, they had to take off or put on something in the changing-to-pajama-process. (Okay, FINE, it felt a little odd for me but that's because I am too worldly. To my sheltered wonderful children there's nothing wrong with that, thank you very much.)

I have been listening to a parenting shiur on cd in the car, and I find myself not agreeing with all of it, which is hard, because I agree with some of it, you know? Like yes, I agree the home should be happy and full of laughter and joy and love. But no, I don't think you should spank a 2 year old, or anyone for that matter. Yes, I think you should not allow a child to get a reaction out of you when it's clear they want to provoke the reaction (i.e. if they are doing something shocking, don't act shocked, don't let them use your discipline as amusement with their behavior as the remote control), but no, you shouldn't never raise your voice - I have seen for myself that the never-raise-your-voice parenting can become wimpy and pitiful in the child's eyes.

But at least it helped me remember - if there is any way to get them to smile doing something instead of groaning through it, find it.

Now pass the penicillin.

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Faye said...

refuah shleima! also, wow, it's been a LONG time since I visited here!