Monday, April 08, 2013

Yom Hashoa

Well, I am super-dupes impressed with how Sroch's school handled Yom Hashoa. Up until now in preschool they never taught them anything - this, I am perfectly fine with, of course. But I did not know what they would do in first grade, especially since as the wikipedia article I linked to mentions, most charedim (which we are) don't really 'do' Yom Hashoa, since we already have other days of mourning the Holocaust and other tragedies*.

But there is a siren, which thankfully is audible in the schools (item: when I asked Llama if she heard it, she said "yeah!" So I asked what the teacher said, and she said "that it was just a siren not a siren." Oh.).

So I asked Sroch, and this is what she said:

Our morah (teacher) told us that some tzadikim (righteous people, e.g. rabbis) said it's important to stand still when there's a siren because it's a kavod (honor) for the Jews the nazim (Nazis) killed. They killed A LOT. Like a hundred times a hundred times a hundred! So it's important that we stand still, like the bottom of the kuf.
This is a kuf: ק

She also told them some more about the Nazis being "the killingest" and that they were so angry and mad and cruel, and she would have told them more but they ran out of time.

I reminded Sroch that I had once told her about the war, a little, but she had made me stop since it made her cry. She remembered.

Anyway, I was very impressed at not only the age-appropriate message (Sroch, who is very sensitive, was able to understand but not be frightened), but at the sensitive treatment of the quote-unquote "political" issue of the state holiday. 

We then went on to have a 'light' bedtime discussion (while Llama fell asleep) dealing with such cotton-candy topics as...
  • why next week there will be two sirens for Yom Hazikaron 
  • why there were no Israeli soldiers killed by the Nazis (because there was no Israel yet)
  • why weren't the Jews in charge of the state of Israel during WWII
  • whether the English were good stewards of eretz yisroel (quote from Sroch: "good, because the English people do like kimat nothing to the yidden.")
  • why did God create non-Jews
  • why Arabs believe the Koran
  • what does the shema mean
  • why anyone believes in polytheism (Sroch was comforted to hear that her non-Jewish relatives aren't so silly as to believe there's a god of socks, a god of chairs, a god of the moon, etc, etc)


*This tweet from today kinda sums it up, in twitspeak's classic flippance.

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