Monday, May 13, 2013


I always tell the kids they are awesome, but lately (thank you internet obsession) I've been adopting the rallying cry formula - "Don't forget to be awesome" - as they walk out the door.

Now they say it to us.

Sroch, tonight to Yoav as he was leaving, says:

Goodnight Abba! Drive carefully! Don't forget to be awesome! But it's okay if you forget, because you already ARE awesome anyway.

I love my kids.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The Sroch Exercise Plan

I was asking the girls their advice on how I can exercise, since I can't leave them alone to go out walking or whatever every night, don't have a bicycle, the pool is expensive, etc, etc.

So Sroch made me a diagram of her work-out-at-home plan:

Clockwise from the top right (at approximately her armpit) we have my name, אמא* (Mommy), then the water I need to use, the word 'sacs' I should wear on my feet, the mat I need to use (spelled right, YES!), the array of skirts and pants and then shirts (and apparently sleeves-with-no-torso shirts, which I don't believe I own), the healthy fruits I should be eating...

...and finally the thought bubble of what I'm dreaming of: a bed and the word 'slip' - because Mommy LOVES to SLIP... zzzzzzz.

*As a humorous aside, the keys to hit to type אמא when you're in Hebrew keyboard mode are TNT. Yes, that's funny.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Two in one

Sometimes they are all sisterly, loving each other and wanting to be together.

And sometimes they are all sisterly, and fight for being 'first,' for getting the same or more, for just wanting to be ALONE.

Both ways are sisterly.

It's fun for me to watch it grow, since I never had a sister. It's fascinating.

Okay - correction. It's MOSTLY fun to watch. Sometimes it's very "I DID sing the song with your name in it already, and if you'll wait two seconds you'll hear I'll get to your name in the chorus again!"

Gut voch, all!

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Llama just told me...

...that girls in her class are teasing her and calling her "little, when I'm not, I'm big!! But they say I'm little!"


So: send her with laxative-laced chocolates to feed the meanies tomorrow? Yes?