Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The Sroch Exercise Plan

I was asking the girls their advice on how I can exercise, since I can't leave them alone to go out walking or whatever every night, don't have a bicycle, the pool is expensive, etc, etc.

So Sroch made me a diagram of her work-out-at-home plan:

Clockwise from the top right (at approximately her armpit) we have my name, אמא* (Mommy), then the water I need to use, the word 'sacs' I should wear on my feet, the mat I need to use (spelled right, YES!), the array of skirts and pants and then shirts (and apparently sleeves-with-no-torso shirts, which I don't believe I own), the healthy fruits I should be eating...

...and finally the thought bubble of what I'm dreaming of: a bed and the word 'slip' - because Mommy LOVES to SLIP... zzzzzzz.

*As a humorous aside, the keys to hit to type אמא when you're in Hebrew keyboard mode are TNT. Yes, that's funny.

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