Friday, June 28, 2013

1:10 AM

Got another dose of Acamol down, B"H, when she came out of bed to ask for chapstick.

Anatomy of a sick day - Llama style (subtitle: Your love is like pink medicine)

1:30 AM: On my way to bed, I check on Llama. She's feverish again. When I touch her she stirs and wakes long enough to take a drink and ask for more water. I offer her medicine for her fever, and she begs me not to give her any. She goes back to sleep.

3 AM: Llama crawls into bed with Yoav. Well trained daughter for the win!

5 AM: Llam and Abba get up together.

6 AM: Abba gives her a dose of Acamol and leaves for camp.

7 AM: I am awoken by the melodious tones of someone vomiting in the hallway. Lovely. Get out of bed, clean her up, clean it up, wake up Sroch, get ready for school and...

7:52 AM: ...park Llama at the neighbor's so I can drive Sroch and her carpool to school. Have made an 8:08 doctor's appointment with Llama, hope I make it.

8:22 AM: arrive at doctor's office. Oh well. We go in - it's been less than 24 hours since we were there ("Has it been 12 hours?" he asks me. "Yes," I say, "I made sure to check." Item: it was 15 hours. I LOVE socialized medicine!). He's still all for waiting for the culture to come back and confirm if she has strep, but since she's worsening and I have all these foreboding feelings about her tonsils (we've recently discovered that her tonsils are always very enlarged as a norm), so I asked him if I can please start her on antibiotics and he said, "okay, if you want to."

10:00 AM: after a tiny breakfast and the first dose of pink antibiotics, Llama and I get in the pool together, to play such exciting games as 'hang on to Mommy while she crawls all over the pool,' 'snake salesman' and the classic 'Marco Polo,' which in a 10 foot pool, isn't nearly as hard as I remember from my youth.

Happy, medicated Llama with no fever and snakes in the pool. 
11:00 AM: bath for her, shower for me.

12:00 PM: soup for Llama, whose fever is bli ayin hara staying down, and naptime for her, then feverish (ha!) work-email-catchup time for me.

2:30 PM: Llama wakes up, but she is burning up again. The G's are coming over to the use the pool. Their oldest girl, P, sits next to Llama as we encourage her to chug down the Acamol. She chugs it and within about 10 milliseconds, throws it up onto the wedding present throw pillows (now drying outside) and of course, P.

Sorry, P.
Right before we talked her into the medicine the first time. I took the picture to show her how miserable she looks and how (see previous picture) happy she'll be once she has medicine! Sigh.

3:20 PM: I finally convince a tearful Llama to take the medicine again, sipping this time. I keep having to up the ante here. Besides the chocolate treat afterwards (item: after throwing up the last dose, she still ate the reward chocolate), I have to remind her that fevers left untreated could result in hospital visits. Scare tactics? Maybe. You got a better idea?

4:30 PM: Hyper happy Llama, who says things like "I NEVER get to play with any friends when I am sick!"

6 PM: She eats a plate of spaghetti and cottage cheese. Thank the good Lord! Also, she gets another dose of PINK MEDICINE, which is all she wants, of course.

8 PM: tucked into bed, good night!

11:45 PM: Wakes up for the bathroom and to get more water. She is, sadly, still quite feverish. I mention the medicine (Acamol), the alternatives (ibuprofen, suppositories) and she instantly winces into a fetal position and slaps her hand over her mouth and says "No medicine!" I cajole, I offer, and she rolls over in a (fevered) huff, holds up her pinched fingers to me like a cab driver and says, "soon I will have medicine, not now!" and goes back to sleep.


Refua shleima Llams!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

17th of Tammuz

When I came home from work and stumbled past my husband on the couch on my way to lay down, I paused and asked him, "remind me why feeling this miserable (i.e. fasting) is helping us spiritually?" 

And he rolled over, shielded his eyes from the light, and said- "It's what we choose to be miserable for."

May these Three Weeks be cut dramatically short by the arrival of mashiach and the end of this horrible galus, amen.

And big thanks to Savta for taking the girls this afternoon so Yoav and I could crash. 

Monday, June 24, 2013


Since when did Blogger have embedded Blogger video again that wasn't YouTube? Oh the Googledom. How you simultaneous delight and confuse me. 

More pool time, with special guest star!

Yes, those are plastic snakes on the pool skimmer. We got a bunch of them to leave on the pool cover to dissuade birds from making it their new bird bath. Seems to work very well except for the couple times braver birds have landed directly next to them. Huh. Bird brains.

Monday, June 17, 2013

"I'm not in a very nice mommy mood now,"

I said, leaving their room, "so I can't say shema or tell you a story now. Maybe in a few minutes I'll be in a nicer mood. Goodnight girls," and I left.

They came out to complain about the night light - I adjusted it.

"Can Llama come cuddle in my bed?" Sroch whispered to me. I told her I just didn't care, as long as they were in their room and quiet.

10 minutes pass.

I just heard them saying shema together.

Soon I will creep in to find them both sleeping in one bed.

I don't know why I try to parent them, when they generally do an excellent job of parenting themselves! Better than I do at times, it seems.

Addendum: That was all at 8:10 PM. By 9 PM Sroch had emerged to ask if Llama could go sleep in MY bed, since "she just can't fall asleep in our room." I let. Then Llama scampered out to ask if I could trim an irksome toenail, and then she came back 15 minutes later to tell me she just couldn't fall asleep!


Happy father's day!

We made you cookies!

Okay, we made someone else cookies, but just pretend.

Happy happy anyway!
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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Mother-daughter school trip

I love that the sunlight was so strong it obliterated the pink balloon Llama's holding in this picture.