Monday, June 17, 2013

"I'm not in a very nice mommy mood now,"

I said, leaving their room, "so I can't say shema or tell you a story now. Maybe in a few minutes I'll be in a nicer mood. Goodnight girls," and I left.

They came out to complain about the night light - I adjusted it.

"Can Llama come cuddle in my bed?" Sroch whispered to me. I told her I just didn't care, as long as they were in their room and quiet.

10 minutes pass.

I just heard them saying shema together.

Soon I will creep in to find them both sleeping in one bed.

I don't know why I try to parent them, when they generally do an excellent job of parenting themselves! Better than I do at times, it seems.

Addendum: That was all at 8:10 PM. By 9 PM Sroch had emerged to ask if Llama could go sleep in MY bed, since "she just can't fall asleep in our room." I let. Then Llama scampered out to ask if I could trim an irksome toenail, and then she came back 15 minutes later to tell me she just couldn't fall asleep!


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