Monday, July 29, 2013

More sleeping pictures

Why I took this picture of Sroch: Note she had a 'sleepover' of her friends' American Girl dolls. (The tiny one in there is the only one we own.) Sroch knows she has a doll of her own waiting for her as soon as she learns to read well enough to read the books.

I am astonished at the amount of doll-play that she and her friends (7, 8, 9 year olds, even 10 year olds) still participate in. The dolls are not overpoweringly real like they are to very young children, but the overruling cry of "it's so cute!" (or it's so chamudi!) has a great deal of power, and in this instance, they all got covered lovingly and kissed goodnight.

I don't love the amount of brand attention the AG dolls are getting here... but 
a) so, SO harmless compared to Disney Princesses or Barbie, to say nothing of the newer uchhy stuff I've never heard of but is probably like "First Grader Zombies!" or something.
b) children need be 'into' something. Into dolls? Fine with me kid. Fine with me. 
c) Sroch and her friends are so utterly generous about sharing the dolls that I am charmed into complete permissiveness. And that's why I will let Sroch have my old Kirstin doll in a year or so, and why Llama will undoubtedly get her own in the fullness of time.

Ahem. Grandmothers.

Speaking of Llama!

Why I took this picture of Llama: Do you see how my children insist on wearing their fleecy pajamas and sleeping with winter blankets here, in the desert summer?!

But I took this picture because... Llama's big. Real big. Besides the fact that she and her sister share clothes and shoes (!), we're close enough to her birthday that we're already saying "you're almost five, you're big enough to do XYZ..." And she is. 

So I took a picture of her sleeping (after adjusting her nightgown a little) because... at some point... I will have to stop taking pictures of them sleeping*. And that squeezes my heart.

*For example, breaking into their house and trying not to wake up their husbands to take the pictures could be hard on my arthritis. 


babybean said...

Brendan slept in his fleecy footie pajamas the other night! Crazy kids. And yes, escaping the princess crap here is going to be the challenge of my life. Although I adore Merida (from Brave), so Kaylee can have all of her stuff, lol. Except that they tried to "womanize" Merida in some dolls. Pitiful.

Miriam the Mommy said...

I still never saw Brave!! It's on my list for eventually. But yeah, you're going to have a much harder time than I have fighting it off. :( Good luck!!