Sunday, July 14, 2013

School supplies

We spent about 350 NIS today buying Sroch her stuff for second grade.

(aside: when did THAT happen!?)

Her first chumash. :)
4 math workbooks (they'll be learning division shortly - didn't I not do that till like 4th grade?)
Geometry book and contruction sets
Reading and spelling and vocabulary
Some sort of 'about my home' Israel book which seems to combine geography and a tiny bit of history and social sciences
Various Hello Kitty and Hi Beary notebook covers and stickers and such - all essential, of course
Many book covering supplies

And then because Llama was SUCH a star in the store (which was pretty insane - a big sale ends tomorrow), we got her a new wheely (!) little girl bag, even though her Land's End backpack was still in perfectly good shape... but sometimes you have to splurge. Also, it's hard to be Llama - she gets used LOTS of things (clothes, school bags, etc) and it's nice for her to get something new. Also, it was only 49 NIS, which after Sroch's tab was no big whoop. :)

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