Friday, July 12, 2013

There's no magic.

I'm in the middle of a dream about an ice cream store heist and counterfeit ten shekel pieces when I am shaken awake by my eldest daughter:

"Mommy, can I cut my pillow?"

"Huh????" was my erudite reply.

"Can I cut my pillow?"

"With scissors?! No you cannot cut your pillow!"

"But MOMMY, a feather came out of it! And the feather is so soft and perfect!"

"Srochel, the pillow is a feather pillow. That's the way it's made. It's full of feathers."

"Oh," she says, in a very disappointed way.

She leaves my room and I hear her return to her sleepover guest and tell her:

 "There's no magic. My mother says it's just the way it's made."

And some part of me now wishes I had let her cut it open, and never told her some pillows are 'just made' out of feathers.

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