Monday, July 15, 2013

Why do we care?

Based on Rav Aryeh Nevin's message about Tisha B'av (emphasises and several words are my changes).

Anytime you touch an element of perfection, a deep, spiritual miracle, such as childbirth, or the perfect sunset, you are actually touching a branch of G-d. 

A spiritual experience actually removes you from a lower-dimension reality and brings you up into a higher-dimension reality. 

If you ask someone to identify what they touch during those moments, they will say things like: beauty, perfection, harmony, unity, purity, innocence, sweetness, timelessness. These are all higher-dimensional words—out of this world words. This is because at the moment we experience these types of situations, we are touching an element of G-d, actually connecting to the Shechinah; you are touching the profoundness of G-d Himself. This is the pleasure of spirituality.

These moments of near-perfection are the closest we get in the world now to what life was like with the Beis Hamikdash.

When the Beis Hamikdash existed, these feelings and experiences were common, because they were all available through that place, that connection to G-d.

The answer, then, to “Who cares? What does an ancient building have to do with me and my life?” is simple. Connecting to the Shechinah and having G-d’s presence amongst us is one of the most profound, meaningful, wonderful things that a human being can ever experience. And that is why we want the Beis Hamikdash amongst us, so that we can connect to the single most meaningful pleasure ever to be found.

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