Thursday, August 29, 2013

three times I was speechless yesterday

1) Llama was being very kvetchy and grumpy, and I said to her, while stroking her cheek, "I think maybe you're just really tired."

And she answered:

"True that."

2) Sroch was happily laying out her clothes for the next morning, skipping merrily around, when she pranced over to me, handed me her uniform shirt and said:

"Mommy, please can you לגהץ (iron) this for me? Thank you!"

...and skipped away.

I mean, she asked so NICELY! And everything in me wanted to tell her - you want it ironed, YOU do it! Except I don't let her touch the iron. Hmm.

3) Reading the manuals for the children-sized gas masks. Sigh.

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