Saturday, September 07, 2013

Did that really just happen?

Were we all really just painstakingly judged one by one, whilst we judged if those leftovers were worth saving again, if the kugel was about to burn on the plata, if we could really sleep for five more minutes?

Were we all just in a sweet embrace of love from God, whilst we thought the sweetest thing was that first bite of warm challah dripping with honey?

Are we now poised for contrition and resolve to improve, much as
we resolved NOT to yell at the person in shul / child / spouse over the three days past, much as we want our mouths to be dedicated to more mitzvos and less meals? (with a practice fast day tomorrow!)

Did those three days just happen? Is it really a new year, with (practically) no mistakes in it yet? Can our "leftovers" be put in the freezer and saved to pull out again some week we don't have time to make something fresh?

....Not only did those three days just happen, but they were just the kiddush, the shalom zachar, the birthday party of the new year.

Now the work begins.

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