Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sukkos intermediate roundup!

Strictly speaking, it ain't over yet. But here's what we've been doing thus far for Sukkos 2013!

  • We have a sukka. Yes, this is news, since major construction upstairs from us began the week of Rosh Hashana, and we weren't sure we'd have anything. But we have a lovely new tiled part of our garden and a moved-but-now-taller pergola and we have the same size kosher sukka with a covered annex, rather useful for the occasional rain sprinkles we had.
  • And on the topic of that rain, this is what I insist upon, to understand this out-of-season rain:

Imagine… Imagine that God is up in his heavens with his arms overflowing with all of the bounty we are going to receive. Much like a mother holding armload of fresh, clean, wonderful laundry, such a full armload that sometimes a little bit spills out underneath your elbow. By which I mean… This is all just a happy prediction of wonderful things to come. I insist on believing that!
  • For the first time in 12 years, methinks, we're not making "second day" meals for anyone. End of an era? Not exactly - Pesach time we'll be doing it again for the family, yay! Pesach: just 7 months away! BRING IT ON!
  • Ahem.
  • First day of chol hamoed was a Friday, so mostly we stayed in the house and I took many stressful hours to cook like two things. Oh well. Oh, and we gave Llama her early birthday present of a ukulele! She loves it! Video to come.
  • Second day of chol hamoed was Sunday, and we went to Ganei Yehoshua on the train (!), wherein we did the park in fullness, what with renting a motor boat and a pedal car and taking an, ahem, alternative extended route around the lake in said pedal car. Good times. Oh, and my daughters are better motor boat steer-ers than I. 
  • Third day we went bowling in Modiin, where for just under $40 we played one whole game of bowling. Ouch. Oh well, all in the name of holiday fun! We then came home to a multiple-hour power outage in all of Beit Shemesh, thus leading to candlelit romantic sukka fun. 
  • Today (fourth day, Tuesday) we met my dear Michelle and Miriam A of elementary/junior/high school and we went to an 'Olive Experience' thing, where the kids saw all kinds of herbs and plants and picked olives and pickled them and made pita/laffa things and had a great time, and I was (as always) SUPER proud of the girls for accepting, unquestioning-ly, that they could not eat X or taste Y for various halachic reasons. And it was utterly delightful to see my good friends' children, who, because they are children of my good friends, are allowed to be just about as adorable as my own children. 
  • Tomorrow I will brave a grocery store and purchase more comestibles for.. MORE YUNTIV! Yay!!
On the train to Tel Aviv

Vroom vroom in Ganei Yehoshua

Sroch pedaled a bit while I walked alongside. But I also pedaled a lot, thank you very much. 

Both girls used this metal guide thingy to bowl. Apparently the old fashioned granny style is totally out. 

After all, he did letter in bowling back in high school....

...the lane was totally warped, I'm sure. For real, at least one of Yoav's spares didn't get recorded properly.

This is an old crashed army (?) plane in a national park. Yes. Exactly. 

From the olive thingy. 

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