Monday, October 21, 2013

SuperMommy ran out of words

Sroch: "Who is the head of the entire entire government of Eretz Yisroel?"

That's Binyamin Netanyahu.

"Is he a Yehudi? (A Jew)"

With a name like that, yes, he most certainly is!

"So call him, and tell him to kick out ALL of the bad goyim! Just the bad ones!"

Sroch, trust me, there are plenty of people telling him that! But it's not so simple.

"Why not?"

Um.. um... Sroch, I cannot even BEGIN to explain that to you. It goes back to several thousand years of history of the relationship between the Jews and the non-Jews.

"So explain it to me!"

....nope. Sorry kid. I don't tell scary stories within 24 hours of bedtime.

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