Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sukkos final pictures!

Hey, it's only Teves! Sure it's snowed and stuff but it's like Sukkos just happened right!


Part one of Sukkos 2013 post here.

Llama's birthday ukulele. Llama wanted a guitar, but a REAL guitar. Guitars made for kids her age are toys with no real sound. So... a ukulele made perfect sense! This is the one we bought. I feel like it's perfect for a 5 year old.

That said... it's hard!! I tried teaching myself with the book we bought, and the force needed to push strings down on the frets is real. But at least the strumming she does is not unpleasant, and it really is super cool. Yay!

Our sukka:

It was lovely, and totally changed this year, since the upstairs neighbors have all built outwards, the effect being we have a larger covered area in the backyard, and they gave us an enlarged tiled area and moved the pergola (which is also taller now)... and we also had our back windows covered (our choice) from Rosh Hashana until last week except on weekends but hey, no big deal! And now if we ever do choose to do a massive apartment expansion out back, much of the prep work is done. So win-win.

The bye-bye sukka festive meal

And then these are my favorite pictures to take each year:

The girls get their own esrogim, ones my husband astutely buys for them literally hours before the holiday begins. As the girls get older, the esrogim get more affectionate handling rather than manhandling, but they do deteriorate pretty quickly compared to the one Yoav gets for himself.

That said, when an unnamed child dropped his esrog on the penultimate day of the chag, we were pretty sure one of the girlie ones were probably more kosher now than his.

(We borrowed from a neighbor for the last day. Cause, yeah. You know.)

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