Sunday, January 26, 2014

Email to the girls from Antwerp

Hi babies! How are you?! I am good, all cozy and warm now and about to go to sleep. But earlier today I was cold cold cold and super wet! There was so much rain, and it's colder than at home. My super coat kept me and everything in the 18 pockets dry, but my skirt sticking out below got so sopping wet that it was heavy with the water, and almost fell down!!

Tomorrow we do our show. All of our costumes and everything got here okay, although the big bull head got broken! They spent a lot of today fixing it with geves- hopefully it will be fine.

The nice lady I'm staying with made us yummy lunch and dinner, including french fries that we ate with mayonnaise because that's what people do here!

I miss you guys so much. Did Abba show you the picture where I wrote your names at the museum?

Last night before I left I crept into your room and kissed you both and even have you both brachos like Abba does on shabbos. You didn't wake up.

I have to go to sleep now. I love you both so much! Be good, and write me back!


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tzipporah moskovitz said...

miriam, i havent seen this blog in a while but can life get any better for you than french fires and mayonnaise!! are you going to bring that to israel??

have a great time over there- wherever you are!