Thursday, February 27, 2014

This week in nutrition ...

Sunday night dinner: pancakes (whole wheat, with wheat germ and protein powder)

Monday night dinner: chicken soup

Tuesday night dinner: cheap pizza (where the cheese was in a stripe, as opposed to all over)

Wednesday night dinner: French fries and schnitzel and oranges

Thursday night dinner: nasty chemical large ice cream for an appetizer (grocery store bribe), then mayonnaise with vegetables used to eat it with, and instant cup-o-msg noodles.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

What matters is the inside

Sroch is washing her hair, and I hear her singing, something like:

"It doesn't matter what's on the outside... it's what's on the inside!"

And I ask her - where did that song come from?

"I'm just making it up right now!"

Awesome! Can you sing it to me again?

"No. I'm still working on it."

Okay, so when I come in she's singing it to herself in front of the mirror - with hand motions (any Israeli child can explain to you that a song without hand motions is not a song at all). Now the song lyrics include talking about having a good inside even if your outside is ichy.

We start talking.

Sroch, does anyone in your class actually look uchy?

"No. But Mommy, you know what? Usually it's the girls who don't look the nicest who have the nicest midos."

(So I had to say - not always, because you Sroch, you have a beautiful outside AND a beautiful inside!)

"But two girls in my class, Mommy, they are MEAN. They are so mean. And I said to them - I'm going to tell the morah, and she said - What did I do? I didn't do anything! And the morah even said, that some people are mean so much they don't even realize when they are mean."

So we talked about that a little, and how girls will join up with another mean girl so they won't become a victim. And she started to tell me about someone they are mean to. "There's one girl in my class that some people say she's fat but she's not fat, she just wears an undershirt and a shirt and her uniform, that's all!"

I of course point out that even if she was actually fat, it wouldn't be something to make fun of it.
(Item 1: this is only like the fifth time I've heard my daughter use that word.)
(Item 2: I am not actually sure my daughter knows her mother is overweight. I think that's amazing.)

My Sroch has expressed herself on this point before, that it is absurd to mock a person because of how they look, because we all look different and we all look the way Hashem made us. This has been an obvious truth of hers for many years. Please God, she will never lose it.

Anyway, so: her song, with captions.

Recreating Druyanity Gold(TM)

Just showed my girlies this old video:

(from this old 2009 post)

So naturally we had to recreate it:

Llama weighs 45 pounds. Sroch weighs 55 pounds. Surprisingly, it wasn't hard to flip them, but it was quite unwieldy.

They both love to pretend to be their baby selves, whether it's for cuddling purposes or because they want what they perceive as babies getting more easily. I of course would never admit in this public forum that they occasionally suck on my thumb. Yeah. Well. Whatever.