Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Milestones? What, there are some left?

Wow. Haven't had a milestones post since 2009.

But I have these two, really big, really capable big kids who mastered all the basics (okay, are working on mastery of all the basics)..  you know, communication (hmm, I'm 35 and I'm still working on that one), hygiene, mobility, etc.

They have very few 'firsts' anymore - everything is a matter of degree.

But here's a tiny bit.

Llama on roller skates
Llama was always very coordinated - once she walked, she rarely fell. She learned how to climb young, and rarely comes to grief from it. She's also a fast tactile learner (I think) (totally unbiased). Anyway, here she be:

If you listen, you can hear her saying "Mah ba'ayah (what's the problem?) it's easy peasy." You go girl.

Sroch reading
Sigh... So Sroch has known her ABC's since she was two. We read her a shkabillion books. She has developed a total love of reading, and I regularly have to pull her out of books. At friends houses she heads for the bookshelf. In short, she's her mother's daughter, bli ayin hara.

...but in Hebrew. For reasons I can't perfectly articulate, it is critically important to me she master this English reading this already. But she is not motivated. Today I even told her..

"Sroch, you should learn to read English because you love books, and there are SO many more English books in the world than Hebrew ones! You'll have more books."

"Ima, here in eretz yisroel there are more Hebrew ones. It's fine, it's enough."

...Sigh. I dunno, maybe it bugs me because it's a milestone I can't check off my list? I don't think that's it. It's just important to me.

(As an aside, note that Llama STILL DOES NOT KNOW HER ABCs. I am in denial.)
(She's also practically reading Hebrew, so I shouldn't complain.)

But ANYWAY, I arranged a big bribe (an American Girl doll) with Sroch if she learns to read English on a high enough level (i.e. can read an American Girl doll book). So here then is the first paragraph of one, on only the third try:

Here's the thing. Despite chugim, despite having English in school, she still hasn't been taught all the basic stuff. So she doesn't know OU makes an 'ow' sound, and I could offer no explanation why 'have' sounds like 'hahv' and 'save' is 'sayv'. English is a pain, you know that?

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