Wednesday, June 18, 2014


It piled up a bit, again. Happens. Some weeks I kinda forget about laundry as an activity, and then cleaning up for shabbos it's like - oh. Mount Laundry is at the end of my kitchen. Well there's no point in washing it on Friday, I'll never have time to fold it... and so it goes.

Did a bit of laundry, and rescued two baskets of socks and such (from previous washed-on-Friday-but-had-no-time-to-put-it-away-before-shabbos) batches. So folded on my couch I have...

6 uniform shirts (and one's in the dryer)
16 pairs of underwear for one child, 28 (!!) for the other*
lots of skirts, dresses, shabbos dresses, knee socks (recently extracted for summer wear) plus
eight shkabillion million pairs of tights

(okay, maybe only abut 20)

*Lemme explain. Often when I'm being good about the laundry, I'll wash the clothes they wore on Sunday... on Sunday, then again Monday, etc so the same underthings and school clothes get worn 3 times in a week, while the stuff at the bottom of the hamper can languish for... longer.

In my first four loads of laundry I had 1/3 of the couch for Llama's piles, 1/3 for Sroch's, 1/3 for linens + Yoav's stuff, and then for me?

I had one skirt (black) and one pair of socks (rainbow). Hmm.

Here's a picture of me from London, in front of a representative scale model of the amount of tights I've folded:

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