Tuesday, June 03, 2014

New glasses- again

Turns out Sroch wasn't stam kvetching- in just six months her prescription really did dramatically change, so she needed new glasses. And as for me, I need multifocals! Which cost ... A lot. Like half a mortgage payment.

I told the girls that I was a little bit unhappy because my glasses were gonna cost so much money. So one daughter says to me, well you can be happy because you can see and you'll be able to see. And the other daughter says to me yeah, and you should be happy because you have the money to pay for it.*

Those girls... :)

*We will educate them about "overdraft" soon enough....


Anonymous said...

I have girlies almost the same ages as yours. #1's eyes went from -1.75 to -3.??? in 9!!! Months. She also got new frames and a lesson that she only got new frames since Totty switched jobs and we have different benefits. Her glasses are also purple, quite similar to your daughter's.

Anonymous said...

My phone is acting all weird - hope the post makes sense and that you had a good Shavuos!