Thursday, July 17, 2014


I often forget or "forget" to have the girls bentch after they eat during the week- I so dislike it when they occasional object that I tend to avoid it.

But I recently realized that was totally unfair to their own spiritual growth and relationship with God. THEY need to bentch for their own sakes.

So tonight I said:

"Guys, often we forget to bentch after we eat dinner, but I think especially because Yisroel needs all the (merits) it can get right now, can we bentch nicely tonight?"

BIG cries of "for sure!" from the girls, much rushing to the table, and Sroch says they can bentch from ONE bentcher.

I say, of course you can, Llama can't read yet.

"No Mommy! We'll bentch together from one bentcher for the ACHDUS!"

And as I type, they are singing praises to God for their food, for their land, for everything.

May it be a zchus for us all. (cause I gotta tell you- I'm rather tired of this war...)

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