Monday, July 21, 2014

The war - summarized

I saw this post from Facebook tonight and it was almost exactly what I had been planning to write, but said better:

20 Things I have learned since this war began- Sarah Raanan
1. Bomb shelter selfies make you feel better.
2. The fact that we don’t even think twice about having bomb shelters and safe rooms built in our houses is slightly abnormal. In fact, the fact that we have air raid sirens and rockets alerts that interrupt songs on the radio...the whole thing is surreal.
3. The silence and anticipation can be the worst.
4. Facebook makes you feel better. Knowing that your friends are feeling the same emotions that you are is comforting.
5. Facebook makes you feel worse. Reading articles and watching films about how much Hamas detest us and how the foreign media refuses to see the other side of the coin, is just frustrating, depressing and frightening.
6. Haters gonna hate - there’s nothing you can do about that. You just have to remember that you know what is good and right and pray for our well being. Meanwhile they will all ignore the fact that we fight to destroy the weapons that are threatening our people, and they fight to destroy us. Want to see 'disproportionate'? There it is.
7. There are many noises that sound like a siren - a kettle boiling, a motorbike zooming down the street, a kid making ‘wooh wooh’ noises in the supermarket, a sound that your ears pick out from the background of a song, the echoes in your head of past sirens...
8. The Muqata ROCKS! Thank you for everything that you do.
9. The Iron Dome is a total miracle.
10. Showering at 6:00pm is NOT a good idea, unless you are an exhibitionist.
11. You know you’ve been going through this for too long when you start choosing your shoes based on how good they are to run in. Or debating wearing beige trousers because they might get stained when you have to get out of your car mid siren and lie on the ground. Or worrying about going to workout in the evening because that means risking leaving the kids at home to deal with an air raid siren alone.
12. Two minutes is an eternity compared to 15 seconds
13. When push comes to shove, we all really love each other and help each other out. I wish we could be like this in times of peace.
14. Laughter really is the best medicine.
15. It’s funny, until it’s not.
16. Watching your kids go through this is painful. Being a Jew is such a scary reality right now.
17. There's nothing like the love of our IDF. We love them, each and every one and we feel the pain of their families' loss on such a deep, raw level that it physically hurts.
18. Solidarity marches and demonstrations around the world really do help and really do matter. Thank you to everyone who shows up.
19. I'm ashamed by how little I have identified with what people have been going through for YEARS in places like Sderot. I get it now. And we're not even experiencing anything close to what they have gone through and continue to endure.
20. There’s no place like home. There’s no other place to call home אין לי ארץ אחרת

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