Monday, July 28, 2014

This war is doody

We have a lot of important talks around bedtime, sometimes. I do tell the kids some of what's going on with the war, since they'll just hear bits and pieces from their friends anyway. So we've talked about (and they've seen some pictures of) the tunnels, the rockets, Iron Dome, the chayalim singing and dancing, and so on.

Bless them, we've also talked about having compassion for the Arabs caught in the Gaza crossfire,  like the children killed today when a Hamas rocket misfired.
"Mommy, don't they care if their own children get hurt?"
No guys. Some of them really don't seem to.
"What kind of people are like that?" they ask me. Because if I proud of nothing else in their education, I am proud that I taught them all people have value, Jew and non Jew.

So we've concluded Hamas is doody.  They're like poop.

And we've discussed that a lot of the world is angry at Israel now. I read an article the other day that seemed to be making the argument that the conflict was unfair, cause Israel hasn't had as many deaths as Gaza (and Sroch is all like, "nu, the world isn't about fair!").

And my girls? They are still, mostly, unafraid. We holler 'good luck boys!' to the planes rumbling overhead, we race to check the app on Mommy's phone when it pings that there's a siren somewhere, we have brachos parties and tehillim and ... they are not afraid.

They have a powerful awareness that God is running the universe, that there is a reason for everything. And they know that achdus, unity, is the key to God staying on our side.

Now it's Av- the 9 Days, a dangerous time for the Jewish nation but, also, the time with the potential for our greatest salvation.

So Sroch says to me tonight, after I tell her that it was a really hard day for the war today-

"Mommy, maybe, maybe now it's Av and so it's bad now, and maybe it's going to get harder now every day, and will get worse and worse... until after tisha b'av when... " she spreads her hands and her voice fills with wonder,  "Hashem will start the geulah! "

And Llama says, "I wish it would be even tomorrow!"

Amen, holy kinderlach. Amen.

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