Tuesday, August 05, 2014

The war is too much with us - near and soon (Tisha B'av 2014)

Right. So there's a war going on. Technically it's an operation, not a war, and technically it's kinda sorta officially over as of today kinda sorta - but only kinda sorta.

But essentially: a war.

This is the blog about the kids, not about me. And I've already blogged about their reaction to the war, which is...
- concern
- empathy
- tehillim, and
- a lack of fear

I mean, they are not immune to a little fear. Llama told me she had a nightmare that ganavim (thieves) stole me away. Sroch's friend didn't want to go anywhere with her because she afraid of kidnappers. And they ask - where's the mamad (shelter) in your office? When we Skyped with the grandparents on the cruise ship, they wanted to know where the mamad was there too.

But basically, they are not scared.

Partially they are still young, meaning they still think of themselves as invincible. And thank God there's nothing in THEIR neighborhood that's visually scary; even though we hear the planes flying to Gaza, we don't see Gaza itself.

But I think partially it's because they see no reason for fear. We talk all the time about Hashem being like a parent and only doing what's best for us. We say how a baby screaming in pain from a measles shot doesn't realize the parent is doing it for good reasons - they only know it hurts! And how Jewish history and this world are like that, that we just can't see the whys and wheretofores... but that WHY exists, and that's enough.

And now it's Tisha B'av. Sroch just went off to her first Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation video - they have a kid's one she's old enough for. But in general for the kids Tisha B'av is when they have random kaitanot and play dates, and we (the parents) sit on the floor. (And nebuch, Llama had to come home early from her kaitana - she's running a seriously icky fever and is now napping in the other room.) (And naturally she woke up when I typed that! B"H fever is down again.)

I could try today to make it into something more for them, a day to feel more connected to all Jews, to our history, to our tragedies, to our hope and prayers for the future.

Because Tisha B'av is about connection - about prayer - about togetherness and purpose.

And this year... it's been Tisha B'av for weeks.

I recently posted this on Facebook:

I do not like war. But I love who my country becomes when we're in the middle of one.

This has been a heart-wrenching summer of war - and a summer of love. Never have I felt so connected to every Jew in this country, in the world, never have I felt so supported by the prayers and hopes of the entire Jewish world.

Despite today's news that we're kinda sorta not having a war any more kinda sorta maybe.... I hope THAT part continues ... forever.

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