Monday, December 15, 2014

Forget the kids in Japan

Fresh off the marathon P4A charity drive, much of which is directed at increasing educational opportunities worldwide, tonight when my girls were doing their nightly kvetch about their homework, I gave them the whole Education Guilt speech.

I mentioned that only 200 years ago, girls like them would probably never learn to read, would never daven from a siddur, would never learn chumash in the actual chumash.

I mentioned that all over the world there are children, and girls specifically, who would do anything for the chance to go to school and actually become educated.

I told them how when you don't learn, you can be taken advantage of, cheated, swindled. How illiteracy closes you off to the world, and ignorance puts you at a disadvantage.

I may have possibly even told them I didn't want to them to grow up and be stupid.

..Impressive to me, though, was that after this diatribe of mine... they were speechless.

Never hurts to broaden your outlook, kiddos.

(Still took forever to do their homework)

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