Monday, December 29, 2014


7:00 snooze alarm
7:11 get up, go to wake up the girls, find they are awake and surprised me by getting mostly dressed already!
7:40 have spent twenty minutes hollering about them getting dressed the rest of the way
7:50 Sroch out, cup of oatmeal in hand
8:02 Llama out with Abba
8:20 go to work
10:30 ninety minute meeting. "Take notes" on tablet. Win four hands of solitaire.
12:00 spend lunch break reformatting Pollyanna script
12:30 actually eat lunch while working
13:07 Llama calls, she doesn't feel well
13:15 get in the car
14:00 pick up bright-eyed, bushy tailed Llama
14:15 Guys, do your homework. Guys, do your homework. Guys....
16:00-16:45 wait for pediatrician to fit us in without an appointment. He does. Get prescription for juvenile decongestant.
16:50 pick up Sroch
16:55 order replacement for lost kupat cholim card
16:59 fill prescription
17:10 Sroch eye exam, since she says she can't see the board. Turns out- she can't see the board. Oh well, that's why we're here.
18:00 home, prepare "Cafe Spider" buffet feast while...
18:15 girls, in bathing suits, take a rare bath together
19:00 dinner, Skype, Abba gets home
20:00 put kids to bed in the mamad, because
20:30 begin reorganization and pruning of toys etc in kids' room
23:45 wake up sleeping Yoav to deal with unanticipated findings
00:30-1:30 wash all stuffed animals
1:52 blog instead of washing the dishes

...alright, alright, I'll go wash the dishes. Sheesh.

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