Monday, November 02, 2015

Fresh eyeballs

One of the fun things about parenting these two kiddos is watching them discover things I have Known Forever. Mind you, their secular education is miles behind my own at those ages, but since their Jewish education is pretty much on par with my seminary education, I cannot complain because truly, knowing the difference between the Sioux and the Cherokee does not often figure into my every day life.

But I digress. 

Sroch is learning about energy now (4th grade), people energy vs animal vs water vs petroleum, for example. And I'm talking to her about how fossil fuels are limited, and we will eventually run out, and what some people are trying to do to stop it.

"So why don't we just go deep into the ground and make more?"

Okay, so we discuss that for a bit, and then she asks -

"If we're already running out of fuel, why doesn't everybody stop using it now?? Why are they waiting??"

Um. Yeah.

You're right, kid. You're right.

Why don't we let countries be run by 9 year olds again?

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Saba Lenny said...

The climate conference in Paris is a case in point. Everybody agrees that the global warming is raising sea levels which will inundate many populated coastlines. There just isn't enough political will to make economic sacrifices that could mitigate some of the consequences. The NY Times magazine had an excellent article about he melting of the Greenland continental glacier. This alone will drown many populated areas, maybe even in 10-20 years. Reports from Paris are that coastal dwellers on the Marshall Islands are already compromised by rising seas.