Monday, May 30, 2016

Thank God for this blog

I have contemplated the wisdom of having this blog on several occasions (actually, uses Savta contemplates it for me - hi Savta!).

But I am so grateful for it just now, because I essentially lost all the videos I have of the kids from Feb 2010-June 2014... except for what I had stuck on YouTube or the old Google Video because of this blog.


I am trying not to be despondent.

Always have a second backup, boys and girls. Always.

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Melissa Henning said...

Oh my gosh, this just happened to me! I was trying to backup my pics/videos from my phone and my computer deleted it ALL in the transfer process. it had a "catastrophic error" and deleted everything, from like 2 years, and then it never started again. Stupid computer. My husband went to get it fixed, but i told him, all i want is the pics/videos. The dude recovered everything BUT the pics and videos! :( I never wanted to use like "the cloud" or google+ bc I hear all of these horror stories about people using people's random kids pics to exploit.

I'm glad you were able to have your blog as a backup. I was grateful for Facebook, bc there were some from the 2 years that I put up and that was good enough for me. :)