Sunday, May 07, 2017

Cleaning up

I was tired today.

You know how it is. You sleep a lot on Shabbos, so Saturday night you don't sleep well, and then Sunday you're tired. 

 Also I had a long day at work and then I had my ukulele lesson, which was fantabulous and amazing and emotional but still left me a little drained and tired afterwards. 

 Homework. Dinner. More homework. More homework. Showers. Bedtime.

And now it's time to clean up , something I've needed to do every night for the last, say, 11 years.

And I'm just so grateful… Because what am I cleaning up?

Chumashim and neviim from homework.

Returned test papers with perfect and nearly perfect scores.

Placemats From dinner… Because the dishes were cleared by the girls to eat off of them. 

Piles and piles of borrowed books because my children love to read. 

Calvin and Hobbes on the couch because my children love to laugh. 

A sfiras haomer calendar, because my children love to do mitzvos.

Clean sheets to fold, because we had guests. 

A computer to put away, because we were able to Skype with grandparents. 

I am so blessed. So blessed, and so thankful.

....I still don't wanna clean up :)